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Assailant Hybrid Broadhead

Slick Trick Broadheads

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SlickTrick Assailant Hybrid Mechanical Broad Head

The Assailant is a first in class hybrid-style broadhead with a massive 2 5/8" total cutting surface. The Assailant - only from SlickTrick - features the popular ViperTrick series field-proven chisel-style tip. The broadhead features 1 3/4" expandable heads and a 7/8" fixed bleeder blade. 

Building on the successful profile of the RaptorTrick, the Assailant is designed to deliver precision field-point accuracy. The stainless steel construction delivers on SlickTrick's commitment to rugged, durable heads that perform, time after time.


  • Super Steel™
  • 1 3/4" Mechanical Blades with 7/8" Bleeder Blade
  • Massive 2 5/8" Total Cutting Surface
  • Chisel Tip for Maximum Penetration
  • Field-Proven Alcatraz Blade Lock System
  • Available in 100 Grain

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Chris Jay
Incredibly Deadly

Penetration for days, fixed, and mechanical blades for devastating wound channels! Blood trails are wicked!

Chris Jay

Wicked performance on these! Entrance and exit holes massive and short plentiful blood trails!

Ethan M
Holy blood trail

Harvested my first archery buck this past season with the assailant broadhead. Flew like a field point but left a blood trail that anyone could follow. Can’t wait to put these again to use this upcoming season.

Brendan Bersey
Hybird with Percision

This is my go to Pronghorn Broadhead. Flies true at any distance and delivers outstanding peneration. If you are looking for mechanical that performs the Assailant is the one!

Brendan Bersey
Deadly At Distance

There is something to say about confidence and know your arrow is going to fly true when the moment matters. That is what I have to say about these broadheads, knowing that where you settle your pin that arrow is going to do maximum Truma. The Assailant bucks wind at distance while penatrating with both depth and max cutting power. I was shocked to see the exit wound on my Pronghorn Buck at 78 yards. This will be my Pronghorn and Idex broadhead from now on. A board head that has been enginnered for hunting in the open. Not only does it fly ture, it was easy to crawl with while on the bow on a close stalk. If you were to buy one all around Broadhead the Assailant is the best overall Mechanic Boardhead in the game.

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