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How do I tune my broadheads to my arrow?*

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We recommend lining up and matching your broadhead blades directly with your arrow vanes and repeating on all arrows.

Can I buy replacement blades for the Raptor Trick or Wicked Trick?*

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Replacement blades for the RaptorTrick & WickedTrick are not available.

Can I Purchase replacement Raptor Trick Practice heads?

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Practice heads are only offered when purchasing packages of RaptorTricks which comes with 3 broadheads & a practice head. Practice heads are not sold seperately or invidiually.

Which broadhead would you recommend for a large game hunt such as elk, moose and bear?

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For large game animals such as elk, moose, bear and especially aniamls with thicker hides, you will want to choose a cut on contact option. Our Slick Trick Viper Trick , Wicked Trick and SS3 offer a cut-on-contact design that’s durable, penetrates deeper and leaves devastating wound channels.

My broadheads won't tune, can you send me a replacement?

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Many variables are considered when tuning broadheads and issues can range from an issue in machining to an individuals set up, or even user error. If you have an issue with broadhead tunning please contact Slick Trick Customer Service.

My broadheads are dull out of the package, what do I do from here?

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Please contact Customer Service, and a replacement pack will be shipped to you.

How can I sharpen my Slick Trick SS3?

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Can I purchase replacement O-Rings for the RaptorTrick?

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How do I posistion my O-rings on my RaptorTrick?

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Position your RaptorTrick O Rings in the correct position by watching the video on this page

I have a bunch of replacement Blades. Can I order just the ferrules?

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SlickTrick ferrules can only be purchased in full packages of Slick Tricks, and they cannot be ordered or purchased seperatly.

Will you cover my replacement blades if my blades break in a target?

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The blades on our Slick Trick broadheads are meant for single use with replacement after. If Blades are chipped or broken inside a target you will need to purchase replacements.

What should I do if my Alcatrz Blade System is loose and I cannot get the blades tight?

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if you are having issue with the Alcatrz system on your Slick Tricks it is possible there is an issue with the machining of the Ferrule. Please contact Customer Service on this issue and we will proceed with sending replacement ferrules.

Do the Standard and Magnum share the same Ferrule?

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Yes, the Slick Trick Standard 100/125 and Magnum 100/125 share the same ferrule design, and the biggest difference between the two heads is the cutting diameter.

What blades make up the Wicked Trick?

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The main blade of the Wicked Trick comes from the Vipertrick and the bleeder blade from the Grizz Trick.

Do the Viper and Wicked Trick share the same ferrule?

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Yes, the Vipertrick 100 shares the same ferrule design as the Wicked Trick.

Where can I find Solid Broadheads?

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Due to supply chain constraints, we are unfortunately unable to source the supplies needed to fulfill Solid orders at this time—or at any time in the near future. We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you sincerely for your past Solid business, and support.

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