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Standard 100/125 Blades (4 Pack)

Slick Trick

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SlickTrick blades are precision engineered Stainless Steel blades that are widely regarded as the world's finest broadhead blades. With surgical-grade sharpness, Slick Trick blades resist corrosion, penetrate deep and fly true with fieldpoint-like accuracy. No matter whether they intercept hide or bone, their perfect combination of sleek geometry and scalpel-grade sharpness gives you confidence to take down your prey.

This 4-pack of replacement blades are a perfect fit to the original, and using the Alcatraz blade locking system, your blades are locked in tight. They stay in place and ready to shoot again and again.

Customer Reviews

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Mason Edwards

By far one of my favorite things about shooting the standard slick tricks is being able to swap the blades like it’s nothing. Always super sharp and ready to go, I always keep a few with my hunting gear just in case I need to swap them out. These blades are tough, insanely sharp, and last forever!

Jake Johnson

Blades are very sharp right out the pack and very simple to change but you might better wear some gloves

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